Val Kilmer Weighs In On Batman Oral Sex Debate

batman-forever-1995-movie-hd-wallpaper (1)

Harley Quinn EP Justin Halpern opened up a can of worms this week when he revealed that DC had vetoed a joke from the upcoming third season of the adult animated series. A raunchy scene between Batman and Catwoman involving oral sex was planned, but the studio refused it on the grounds that “they don’t do that.” This has led to widespread debate online on the topic of what Batman is like in the bedroom.

Now, the Dark Knight himself has weighed into the conversation. Former DC star Val Kilmer shared a cheeky tweet this Wednesday, referencing 1995’s Batman Forever in the process. “Does he or doesn’t he…?” Kilmer posted, along with a GIF from the movie. It features his Batman and Nicole Kidman’s Dr. Chase Meridian on a rooftop, with Kidman’s character saying: “We could give it a try. I’ll bring the wine…”

Batman Forever

This scene in question is pretty steamy enough, with Chase having lured the hero to her with the Bat-signal in an attempt to seduce him, but Kilmer’s tweet adds a whole other dimension to the chemistry between Bruce Wayne and his psychologist love interest. The pair do end up in a relationship later on in the film, so now the actor’s got us thinking about the private side of their romance more than we ever have before.

Though Kilmer’s generally not seen as one of the best ever Batmen, his portrayal has come under some reappraisal recently thanks to the #ReleaseTheSchumacherCut campaign. Following the news that a darker director’s cut of Batman Forever exists, DC lovers have been pressuring Warner Bros. to make it available on HBO Max so we can finally see what late filmmaker Joel Schumacher originally had planned for the famously campy flick. Though we’re pretty sure it still wouldn’t contain any sex scenes.