Venom Director Wants To See A Spider-Man Showdown


The team behind the upcoming Venom movie have often seemed quick to distance the project from Eddie Brock’s old foe Peter Parker, with director Ruben Fleischer previously going on record to plead his case that the devilish title character can hold our interest just fine without a Spider-Man around to fight. Still, ever since the disappointment of 2007’s Spider-Man 3, it’s clear that fans have been clamoring for a big screen showdown between the pair that does the characters justice, and Fleischer certainly seems game for trying this somewhere down the line.

Speaking to, the Zombieland helmsman acknowledged that he too would like to see Venom and Spidey cross paths once more.

“I think there’s a pretty obvious one inherent to the Venom franchise that for whatever reason couldn’t be included in the film but I will say that I look forward to future movies where said character could perhaps run across Venom. Nothing would be more exciting to see than a face off with Spider-Man.”

What’s more, Fleischer seemed keen to find a way of bringing the MCU version of Spider-Man into Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters.

“I will say I think Tom Holland is a fantastic Spider-Man. I really loved Homecoming, I’m really excited for [Spider-Man: Far From Home],” said Fleischer. “I’m friends with Jon Watts and I’ve met Tom Holland and I know that he and [Venom star Tom] Hardy are excited to go toe to toe so that would be a version I personally would be very excited about.”

Over these last few months, we’ve been getting some mixed signals on just how likely an MCU crossover is, with Tom Hardy recently downplaying the possibility while stressing that the upcoming film is planned to be the first building block in a cinematic universe of its own. Still, if the fans want it enough and the first Venom movie gets a strong enough reception, this crossover clash is surely a matter of if rather than when.

As it stands, Venom is projected to break some box office records when it hits theaters on October 5th, though it remains to be seen if this is one Eddie Brock that we’ll want to catch in a sequel.