New Venom Theory Finds A Potential Opening For Spider-Man To Fit In


Beyond talk of franchise building and dubious dialogue (“like a turd in the wind”), one of the big, unanswered Venom questions concerns Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, and whether or not he has a role in the Ruben Fleischer-directed spinoff.

The filmmaker himself has always played coy when asked about Spider-Man’s involvement in the anti-hero pic – or lack thereof – which has only paved the way for multiple fan theories to pop up online, the latest of which comes to us by way of Reddit.

Essentially, it suggests that Venom is rooted in an alternate universe, thereby explaining Tom Holland’s role as the young Peter Parker. We should stress that this is total conjecture at this point, as neither Marvel Studios nor Sony have outright confirmed the addition of Spidey. But if anything, this ongoing radio silence has only fanned the flames of speculation, rather than stomping them out entirely.

Which brings us to this particular Venom theory…

I know Tom Holland was spotted on set, but there was no official confirmation. Venom has been speculated to be in the MCU (I don’t) others saying its in its own universe (I do, kinda). I think that its somewhere in between. Venom should take place in a parallel universe, where Peter goes home instead of staying on the Q-ship. What makes me think this? Since it’s not in the MCU, and it’s a spider-man villain, with the rights going to Marvel Studios, and it is after all, associated with Marvel, I think they would make a parallel universe where, Spider-man comes home with the Iron-Spider suit (This is not any type of reference to Spider-man: Homecoming or anything).

It’s undoubtedly a stretch, as spinning out an alternate timeline would risk stepping on the toes of Marvel Studios and its own plans for Avengers 4. Besides, Sony currently has multiple Spider-Man spinoffs gestating in development (see: Morbius, Kraven), so there’s really no good reason for the studio to steer Venom in a totally different direction.

Regardless, the Redditor continues on by saying the following:

This would be very cool to see, although it probably won’t happen due to the fact that the snap would have to be in it. This also COULD BE the one of the 14,000,605 cases in which they win (maybe strange saw one without Peter, which is the one they win) i’m not saying it Peter’s fault, but there are plenty of cases without peter that they lose. We haven’t seen anything where anything happens in New York (where the Q-ship comes for Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian to fight Tony, Strange, Banner, Wong, and Peter). But then again, this is cannon to the MCU. Thank you for reading.

Venom slithers into theaters on October 5th – with or without Spider-Man in tow.

Source: Reddit