Angry Marvel Fans Are Planning To Boycott Venom


The first teaser trailer for Venom finally arrived earlier today and it was met with a bit of a mixed reception from fans. Social media seems split on the promo, with some enjoying the hints at Tom Hardy’s performance as Eddie Brock but others complaining about the lack of any look at Venom itself. Some reactions are so extreme, in fact, that people are now planning to boycott the movie.

DeviantArt user KurvosVicky has shared a post (via Screen Geek) proclaiming that they intend to give the upcoming Spider-Man spinoff film a miss, something that’s been supported by a bunch of others with similar thoughts. To explain their reasoning, they attached the following lengthy bullet-point list about why they expect Venom to let them down.

In short, their problems rest with the brass at Sony, as they hold them responsible for previous misfires like Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. As ridiculous as it may be, we’re unfortunately not making this up and the full post about the boycott can be seen below.

**DISCLAIMER: I have nothing against you if you choose to watch this movie. This isn’t an attack towards you, this is a statement aimed towards Sony.***

Reasons why I will boycott this movie:

1. It’s Sony. They are trying to take away anything from Marvel they can with Spider-Man now. If the Venom movie becomes a success, that means they will get one step closer of taking away Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or any Spider-Man related character they haven’t used yet. In fact, this could even mean we are risking them to take away J. Jonah Jameson from us, as well as Gwen Stacy and/or Mary Jane.

2. Avi Arad and Amy Pascal are the ones who got this movie to get into production. Avi Arad is infamous for ruining Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with a lot of production intervention, and he is irrationally obsessed with Venom. Amy Pascal is the crazy idiot responsible for the 2016 Ghostbusters movie, and the upcoming Barbie movie with a strong SJW agenda.

3. Tom Rothman is in charge of the movie division of Sony, and has been ever since 2015. Before that up until 2012, he was the one in charge of the movie division of Fox. Yes, he is the guy responsible for all the bad decisions with the X-Men movies from X-Men 3 and forward. He’s responsible for sowing Deadpool’s mouth shut (literally, it was his own personal demand for that to happen), and he was the one NOT allowing a Deadpool movie to happen (and couldn’t happen until that asshole left). He also never allowed Sentinels to be in the X-Men movies because he doesn’t think people like to see giant robots. Wherever Tom Rothman goes, movies are being ruined.

4. Again, it’s SONY. They thought it was a good idea to make an Aunt May spin-off movie at one point. And they are going to have Venom be the start of their own Spider-Man universe WITHOUT Spider-Man, separated from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And once again, it’s part of their evil plan to slowly try to take back Spider-Man. And by paying ANY money for this movie, you WILL support them doing that.

Since a trailer will very soon come out of this new Venom movie, I really do urge people to think twice about giving this movie a chance. It might be good in and of itself, I don’t know. But is it worth it to ruin Spider-Man from being allowed to be included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Tom Hard in Venom

We understand some fans being miffed by the exclusion of any glimpse of Venom in this first trailer, or even having issues with the idea of cutting the villain away from his close ties to Spider-Man, but it’s a shame that a certain portion are planning to skip the movie entirely.

The ever-reliable Tom Hardy is sure to deliver a terrific turn as Brock and rumours suggest that it could even contain roles for some fan-favourite characters – including Venom’s nemesis Carnage and perhaps even Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. Which would bring it under the umbrella of the MCU, thereby crossing off one of this boycott campaign’s biggest issues with the film.

For the rest of us who wish to see it when it hits cinemas, Venom lands on October 5th, and you can bet that we’ll be lining up.

Source: DeviantArt