Sources Say Venom’s PG-13 So Sequels Can Crossover With Spider-Man


Despite the upcoming Venom movie seemingly having no connection with Spider-Man, I think it’s best that fans take a chill pill before continuing their incessant complaining. Really, after witnessing one badass trailer after another, I pose the following question: Have you ever stopped to consider that it just might be a good film?

For the longest time, we anticipated that the flick would be granted an R-rating similar to Deadpool and Logan, but some surprise came when the studio confirmed that the Tom Hardy-led picture had been stamped with a PG-13. Then again, many productions since the arrival of Alien vs. Predator have shown us the softer rating doesn’t necessarily mean there’ll be much less in the way of violence.

Now, Fandango managing editor Erik Davis is shedding more light on the situation with the following Tweet:

“Hearing from studio sources the reason is so that Venom and Spider-Man can face off at some point down the line. If the movie is R, it’s hard to do that.”

In all honesty, that seems like a perfectly reasonable explanation. My better judgment told me that Sony opted for a PG-13 rating as opening weekend drew closer because they also want to make all the money they can from this bad boy. With an R-rating, that may not be as possible.

And just because there’s no crossing over with Hardy’s Eddie Brock and Tom Holland’s Peter Parker at this current point in time doesn’t mean there won’t ever be. Remember, we once thought it’d be impossible for the wallcrawler to be an onscreen Avenger, and now it’s a reality.

Venom arrives in theaters on October 5th.

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