New Venom Set Photos See Tom Hardy In Action


Since Sony’s Venom began production back in October, a steady stream of pics from the set have leaked out. The latest bunch arrived online today and though not terribly revealing, they showcase Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock shooting what looks to be a motorcycle action sequence.

If you’re disappointed that the actor isn’t in the classic black suit in these shots, then you should know that the big reveal of what the movie’s version of the symbiote supervillain looks like won’t occur for a while yet. After all, it’s been confirmed that Venom will be an entirely CGI creation, so don’t expect to see the creature until, say, the first teaser trailer drops sometime next year.

However, we can still gather something about the approach to the film from these photos. As said above, it looks like this is an action-based scene. But from Hardy’s casual wear, rather than the motion capture suit used for CGI characters, it’s clear that this sequence only features Eddie Brock and not his alter-ego. This suggests that a lot of the movie will be driven by Brock’s character, perhaps with Venom only being used sparingly.

Not that fans should expect there to be a lack of symbiote goodness in the film, mind you. Both Hardy and director Ruben Fleischer have recently confirmed comic book influences on Venom that heavily hint that Brock won’t be the only symbiote host around. We’ve been told that the Lethal Protector and Planet of the Symbiotes storylines are major inspirations. These arcs include not only Venom’s nemesis Carnage, but also five other symbiotes: Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher and Agony. Plus, Michelle Williams is thought to be playing She-Venom, too.

Though filming is taking place in Atlanta, Venom will be set in San Francisco, where New Yorker Eddie has travelled to in order to sort out his inner demons. In contrast to the MCU’s Spider-Man movies, it will be R-rated and you can catch the symbiote when Sony’s spinoff swings into cinemas on October 5th, 2018.