Venom And Sinister Six Might Come Before The Amazing Spider-Man 4


Sony has big plans for their Spider-Man universe, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing down any time soon. With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 getting ready to swing into theatres, all eyes are turning towards its sequels, as well as the two spin-offs that the studio has commissioned: Sinister Six (which Drew Goddard will helm) and Venom (which will have Alex Kurtzman behind the camera). Of course, the big question is which of these films will come first and today, thanks to Den of Geek, we kind of have our answer.

While speaking to producer Matt Tolmach, they asked which Spider-Man movie would be arriving on Sony’s May 4th, 2018 release date, which the studio locked in last year. Tolmach responded by saying the following:

Before we know what we do with Spider-Man 4, we’re going to do Sinister Six, Venom and Spider-Man 3. There is going to be a lot of crossover in those movies. So we’re just not at Spider-Man 4, because we still have a whole other Spider-Man movie and two other movies. So we don’t know yet what [Spider-Man 4] is going to be.

It’s interesting to note that if The Amazing Spider-Man 4 is being pushed back from what we thought was its 2018 release date, then it’s very likely that the film may be a reboot, or focus on a different Spidey story entirely. Marc Webb has already said that the third outing will be his last, and star Andrew Garfield doesn’t seem to want to return for more than two sequels, either. Combine that with the fact that it may be 2019 or 2020 before we see The Amazing Spider-Man 4, and it’s almost impossible to see how they can make the film a straight sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Unfortunately, everything is still very much up in the air right now. As expected, the studio is keeping quiet on details for their Spidey universe and until we’ve at least seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it’s near impossible to tell which direction they’re headed in. Personally, I like the idea of having these villain spin-offs, a lot, but after hearing what Tolmach had to say about the release schedule, I’m very curious as to what Sony is planning to do with The Amazing Spider-Man 4, especially if they’re without Garfield and Webb.

Source: Den of Geek

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