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Venom Smashes New Domestic Box Office Milestone

It's official: Venom has zoomed passed the $200 million marker at the domestic box office, and helped set a new record for October.

Venom continues to gobble up one box office milestone after another.

At $545 million strong, the Sony-backed Spidey spinoff movie has proved to be, dare we say it, critic-proof, as a 29 percent Tomatometer score has had no tangible impact on the film’s performance. Case in point, as highlighted by Box Office Report (h/t ComicBook.com), Venom‘s domestic haul has now surpassed the $200 million milestone which, in the crowded month of October, is an achievement in and of itself.

Between Bohemian Rhapsody, A Star is Born and the deliciously R-rated Halloween sequel, October delivered a record $820 million at the domestic box office – $200 million of which now belongs to Venom after its 33-day theatrical run. And those numbers will only continue to climb over the coming days.

Here’s the official word via Twitter:

Based on Venom‘s estimated $110 million production budget, the Spider-Man-less Spider-Man spinoff has now grossed 5.08x its budget. To put that impressive haul into perspective, Forbes has crunched the numbers to reveal that Venom‘s global theatrical gross/production budget ratio is now higher than Spider-Man 2 – earned $784m on a $220m budget in 2004 (3.56x) – and Spider-Man 3, which earned $891m on a $260m budget in 2007 (3.42x).

Indeed, it’s even more profitable that Marvel’s wildly successful Spider-Man: Homecoming, which scored $880 million worldwide off the back of a $175 million budget. So, if nothing else, Venom is profitable – so much so, in fact, that box office analysts believe it’s only a matter of time before Sony gets the gang back together for a full-blown sequel. Though whether it can still attract the likes of Tom Hardy et. al after such a critical drumming is another question entirely.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Venom‘s box office performance as time wears on, so be sure to stay tuned.

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