Rumors Swirl That Tom Holland’s Peter Parker Will Swing By Venom


Evidence continues to mount that Sony and Ruben Fleischer’s Venom spinoff plans to make room for Peter Parker.

Four weeks ago, seasoned animator and director Jon Schnepp sent the Internet into a tizzy by claiming that a costume-less Tom Holland was spotted on set – as Peter Parker, not Spider-Man – thereby fuelling speculation that Venom shares some form of connective tissue with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, despite numerous reports to the contrary.

There’s still no definitive answer to the whole Tom Holland/Venom conundrum, but today, Reddit has unearthed what appears to be another clue in the ongoing mystery. It’s an IMDb listing, essentially, which ought to be treated with a heightened sense of caution given the Internet’s Movie Database can be edited by anyone with a credible account – not unlike Wikipedia and its reams of comprehensive articles.

But in the name of some good ol’ speculation, let’s throw on our tin-foil hats and see what the eagle eyes of Reddit have uncovered…

And that’s it, really. Without any sign of an official statement from either Sony Pictures or Marvel Studios, we’d advise treating this unfounded rumor as just that, as incorporating Tom Holland’s Peter Parker into Venom will likely have massive ramifications for Sony’s Spider-Man universe going forward.

It’s a franchise that will supposedly focus on Spidey’s famous rogues’ gallery, beginning with Eddie Brock/Venom this October. Other features in the works include a Silver & Black movie and a spinoff dedicated to Morbius, the Living Vampire, so perhaps Peter Parker will appear in all three? Or none? So many questions, so few answers.

Venom gets the ball rolling with or without Tom Holland on October 5th.