Venom Spin-Off Movie Rumored To Be In Development


Venom has quickly become one of the more popular Marvel film characters since Tom Hardy took on the role of the character during 2018’s titular Venom film, and the series has only grown with the recent addition of its sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

With all this hype behind the character, rumors have begun circulating that a spin-off film for the symbiote could be in the works, and it might not be what you’re thinking.

According to a report by The Hashtag Show, Sony is currently in the early stages of developing an Agent Venom spin-off that will see the symbiote bond with a different host than Hardy’s Eddie Brock as has been the case multiple times in the comics.

While there has been no confirmation of such a project being in the works, the report claims that Hardy plans on eventually taking a break from the role of Venom and Sony is looking at ways to continue with the character without having to recast one of their biggest stars.

Agent Venom, like in the comics is rumored to be Flash Thompson after the symbiote binds to him. The report claims that “this version of Flash will skip over the connection to Peter Parker and focus on him being a wounded veteran with who Venom bonds with”.

Of course, none of this is official and at this stage simply a rumor. If the project is to be real it would be quite a while before we see any tangible details as like the report claims, it’s only in the early development stages.