Here’s How Venom’s Classic Look Could Show Up In A Sequel


Despite any misgivings moviegoers may have had with Venom, it appears that the cons were outweighed by the pros as the flick ultimately proved to be a box office powerhouse. Because of that, a followup within the next few years is more than likely.

One common complaint was that of the titular anti-hero’s appearance. Sure, he looked pretty badass and the CGI that brought him to life trumped what was seen more than a decade ago in Spider-Man 3, but it’s actually the absence of his iconic logo that rubbed some folks the wrong way. Personally, I quickly got over it, though I’m simultaneously baffled by the decision to forego a design which has sold countless T-shirts over the years.

On that note, co-producer Jeff Pinkner actually offered some explanation for the nixing – while also telling us how the logo could appear in a sequel – on one of the Blu-ray’s featurettes, saying:

“One of the things that sparked outrage is the fact that Venom does not have a big Spider-Man emblem across his chest. In a movie where Spider-Man exists in the universe, but does exist in our story, it would make no sense. This is not to say that in a future movie down the line that a symbiote and Spider-Man might not share a moment and that symbiote might end up with a Spider-Man emblem splashed across its chest.”

If you were to ask me, there’s no reason to overthink the situation, as Pinkner and his colleagues apparently have. Already, they’ve produced a film detailing Venom’s origin story without so much as a mention of Spider-Man. That, my friends, was an idea which managed to piss off more True Believers than you could shake a copy of Lethal Protector at. And if some of those same people could somehow get past said notion, then I’m guessing they wouldn’t be too analytical of whatever Eddie Brock’s chest was emblazoned with.

Venom is now available to own on Blu-ray. For more, be sure to check out a full rundown of its special features.

Source: Cinema Blend