VFX Breakdown For Avengers: Infinity War Gives Hulk The Spotlight


“We have a Hulk.”

Avengers: Infinity War is filled with little references and callbacks to the MCU of yesteryear, and there’s one that occurs right off the bat, as Tom Hiddleston’s Loki helps unleash Mark Ruffalo’s Jade Giant, much to the surprise of Thanos, who’s caught flat-footed.

This scene itself also serves as a cute hint that Hulk and Loki have reconciled their differences, given they spent much of The Avengers at loggerheads – hell, if you’ve seen Thor: Ragnarok, you’ll know how much Loki enjoys seeing other people getting on the wrong side of the Hulk, and that’s exactly what happens during today’s all-new VFX breakdown for Infinity War.

Coming to us by way of YouTube, this behind-the-scenes sizzle reel helps deconstruct one of the sequel’s biggest fight scenes, as Mark Ruffalo’s raging alter-ego feels the full force of the Mad Titan, only to spend the rest of the movie cowering away within Bruce Banner’s subconscious…

But rest assured, Hulk will be back in time for Avengers 4, what with rumors claiming that Bruce Banner will be equipped with the World Breaker armor as he enacts his revenge on Thanos. There’s even been talk of the Professor Hulk storyline, though much like all other MCU tidbits bouncing off the walls of the Internet, we advise taking that one with a grain of salt.

Avengers: Infinity War is now approaching the end of its historic theatrical run, and with a whopping $2.02 billion already in the bank, it’s fair to say that Marvel’s 2018 crossover has been a resounding success for everyone involved. Let’s just hope they’re able to capture lightning in a bottle for the second time once Avengers 4 rolls around next year.

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