The Vicious Brothers Announce Grave Encounters: The Beginning Via Twitter


One of the better found footage movies I’ve seen over the last few years is a little flick called Grave Encounters. Written and directed by The Vicious Brothers, aka Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz, the film blends elements of psychological terror, first-person jolts, and haunted house horror into a story about paranormal investigators and a creepy-ass asylum. It’s one of those films about searching for answers you desperately want without thinking of the possible consequences, yet The Vicious Brothers never rely on repetitive genre norms like other lesser copycats.

Following the original film’s success, John Poliquin directed a sequel written by The Vicious Brothers that continued the events of the first film. It wasn’t received with the same amount of praise as the first, but that hasn’t swayed these brothers in horror from announcing a third film in their ghoulish franchise (as it shouldn’t). With Extraterrestrial now behind them (an alien abduction flick you should definitely check out), the “Brothers” took to Twitter today with some good news for fans concerning a little movie called Grave Encounters: The Beginning:

As the message says, ask and you shall receive! And I can guarantee you, horror fans have been asking. The Vicious Brothers have amassed a pretty decent following among horror-loving circles, and while I won’t link any of the tweets here, a scroll down their account page would see tweet after tweet of fans begging for another trip to Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital.

Despite not falling in love with Grave Encounters 2, there are still some great scares (that slack-jawed ghost child still lurks around my nightmares), so news of a third film sounds damn good. Grave Encounters: The Beginning obviously suggests a prequel of sorts, so maybe we’ll get to see the hospital in action this time? Possibly a chilling period piece about crazy doctors and human experiments?

Either way, we only have a title so far. There’s also no word on plot details, or if The Vicious Brothers will be directing this next installment. With the success of Extraterrestrial, and taking my appreciation of Grave Encounters into account, I’d really love to see the duo direct Grave Encounters: The Beginning as well – but we’re a ways away from that decision.

Tell us, are you ready for another Grave Encounters, with or without The Vicious Brothers directing? Hit the comments below and let us know what you’d like to see in a prequel!