There’s A Vicious Feud Going On Between Venom Fans And Ted Bundy Fans


There’s a low-key war brewing on the internet. On one side are those who’ve fetishized toothy alien goo space parasite Venomgetting their kicks to the infinite possibilities of a gelatinous interstellar pervert who can form into any shape. On the other, we have those who’ve begun to fancy the pants off serial killer and rapist Ted Bundy, who’s newly in the spotlight after the release of the Netflix’s Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes as well as the trailer for the Zac Efron-starring Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.

The latter group, who’ve dubbed themselves Venom F-ckers, have taken offense to people comparing them to the weirdos who look at a bona fide real-life monster like Ted Bundy and think “I want a piece of that.”

In this war, I stand with the Venom F-ckers. After all, while Venom’s a carnivorous space parasite, he’s also kinda cute and dopey – especially when he’s shown being incredibly needy for Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock. Plus, that scene where he turns into a lady and the pair make out was uh, cool, in a freaky way.

Anyways, this feud has resulted in tweets such as this:

@Yovremymission has really hit the nail on the head here. Venom totally would eat anyone stanning a “whole ass criminal.” In fact, Venom even makes a promise to Eddie at the end of the movie that he’ll only eat bad guys in the future.

And really, if you’re ever at all charmed or intrigued by Ted Bundy, just do a bit of reading up on what he actually did to people and have another think about who you’re getting your rocks off to. I’m not going to sit here and wholeheartedly support folks developing sexual hang-ups about snarky brain-eating space monsters, but if the alternative is one of humanity’s genuine monsters, then I certainly know where I stand.

Source: ScreenRant