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Victoria Justice’s Brand New Rom-Com Is Shaking Up Netflix’s Charts

Victoria Justice may be a party girl, but the good times don't necessarily last on the other side.

Afterlife of the Party

Victoria Justice may be a party girl, but the good times don’t necessarily last on the other side. That’s the premise behind her new Netflix film Afterlife of the Party, and worldwide, it’s dominating the streaming service’s top 10 list.

In the film, Justice plays Cassie, an outgoing party girl who unexpectedly dies after the fast life catches up to her. After waking up from the endeavor, she learns from her guardian angel that she has unfinished business left among her friends and loved ones. Now, she only has five days to set life straight, lest she finds herself sent to hell.

Despite the seemingly intense premise, a trailer for the flick shows it’s just as touching as it is hilarious, playing up the bizarre supernatural plot to amp up the rom-com premise.

While critics are torn on the film—it only has a 5.9 on IMDB and a 60 percent reviewer rating on Rotten Tomatoes—Netflix viewers clearly love the otherworldly twist. Afterlife of the Party has dominated Netflix’s top 10 list worldwide since Saturday, and it has also remained in 1st across the U.S. for four days in a row, FlixPatrol reports. In second place is He’s All That, a genderswap remake of the classic 1999 film She’s All That.

As for whether newcomers should check out the film, RogerEbert.com’s Christy Lemire gave it a 1.5 stars and called it “full of awkward smiles and jumpy pacing, as if everyone is in a hurry to wrap up and go home.” So you might want to save this one for a late night watch over date night.

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