Nathan Fillion Fan Speaks With David O. Russell About Uncharted Movie

The ongoing battle between loyal fans and Hollywood productions continued recently when a determined man spoke to director David O. Russell about recasting the role of Nathan Drake in the upcoming video game to film adaptation of Uncharted. After a screening of Russell’s new movie The Fighter premiered at the Arclight theater in LA, he was approached in the lobby by a distressed man who calmly spoke about how thousands of fans are upset over Nathan Fillion being ignored over Mark Walhberg. Russell listens to the fan explain how similar Fillion is to the character of Drake.

It’s interesting how Russell considers what he has to say for about two seconds before walking away, stating he doesn’t even know who Fillion is. This is good and bad news for the people who love Uncharted and hate how Mark Wahlberg was chosen. Good, that fans like myself are expressing their feelings over the matter and trying to make Hollywood big shots listen to proper reasoning. Bad, that the people in control of the film’s development don’t care at all and won’t listen to the people who matter the most, fans of the video game series. The war continues.

Check out the video below: