Vikings Star Clive Standen Joins Natalie Dormer For Patient Zero



Screen Gems’ upcoming pandemic panic film, Patient Zero, has now added Vikings star Clive Standen to its line-up. Directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky from a script by Mike Le, the action thriller will take place in a time when a potent strain of rabies has evolved, turning those who are infected into gibbering, psychotic goons. Sounds a bit like most cinematic strains of rabies, but we’ll remain optimistic on account of the talent that’s attached.

Storywise, Patient Zero will follow the “unprecedented global pandemic of a super-strain of rabies that has resulted in the evolution of a new species driven by violence.” One immune human survivor (played by former Doctor Who, Matt Smith) is not only safe from the disease, but inexplicably possesses the ability to communicate with this new species. Due to this, he finds himself tasked with finding patient zero after his wife – played by Game Of Thrones‘ Natalie Dormer – becomes infected.

Thankfully, he won’t have to venture out to find a cure alone. Standen’s character, Sargent Knox, is more than up for the challenge. Described as “a rough-around-the-edges military leader who is trying his hardest to control the uncontrollable situation,” if he’s packing firepower (which, you know he will), then that ought to provide a bit of cover from a swarm of frothing rabid killers.

Currently in production, we’ll keep you posted with any further updates on Patient Zero as they arise.

Source: Variety

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