Vikings Star Katheryn Winnick Joins Idris Elba In The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower has been stuck in development hell for years now, but the big screen adaptation of the series of novels by author Stephen King is finally happening. Idris Elba has been cast as The Gunslinger, while Matthew McConaughey is playing the villainous Man In Black and Tom Taylor is set to star as Jake Chambers.

Now, the cast is continuing to grow as production gets underway, and the latest addition to The Dark Tower is Vikings star Katheryn Winnick (who is also a fan-favourite to play Captain Marvel).

There’s no word on who she will be playing, but considering the fact that The Gunslinger only has one prominent female character, it’s more than likely Allie the bartender – a romantic interest of sorts for the lead character – that Winnick has been cast as. However, seeing as this movie will be borrowing elements from some of the other books, there are a few other possibilities, too.

The Dark Tower was originally envisioned as a trilogy of movies and a number of small screen spinoffs, but we have no idea just how ambitious Sony’s plans for the property are at this stage. For now, all we can say for certain is that The Dark Tower is set to be released on February 17th, 2017, and it will bring with it a pretty starry cast.