Vin Diesel confirms ‘Fast & Furious 10’ is now shooting

Were you thinking of “family” over the weekend? Maybe that’s because Vin Diesel confirmed filming had begun for Fast 10.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, Vin Diesel shared the news with us after he watched Joey Logano bring in that first win.

“Sending you all positivity on this incredible Sunday.” Diesel began. “I, and the kids, just watched the NASCAR here in LA. It was great seeing my boy Ice Cube and Pitbull perform. It was a real fun event. Congrats to Joey for winning, congrats to all you drivers for getting out there and having some fun.”

After talking about NASCAR for a while, Diesel popped in with news of his own. “We are all in that racing mindset now since we are minutes away from the start of principal photography of Fast 10 and we have great cast editions that are going to make the episode really, really exciting. Sending you all love and light and positivity, happy creative Sunday.”

With that, Vin Diesel left us wanting more. Fast & Furious 10 will hit theaters in May of 2023, meaning we have over a year to wait for its arrival.

Thankfully for gamers, Diesel has been working this year on the sequel to the game Ark: Survival Evolved as well as the animated series.

Upon the new movie’s release, the Fast & Furious franchise will be a series of ten movies. Movie eleven has already been confirmed as “part two” of movie ten.

We don’t know how many more installments there will be, but we do know that Fast & Furious 10 is one to look forward to.