Vin Diesel Continues To Tease His Involvement In Marvel’s Inhumans


Seven. That’s how many movies are lined up for release before Marvel drops Inhumans into theaters. The film’s release date is still some three years away, but that hasn’t stopped one Marvel alum from dropping hints. Prior to the release of this summer’s smash, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vin Diesel teased his involvement in that interstellar superhero caper via his Facebook page. Judging by his latest spot of handiwork – the above image – subtlety is still not his forte.

Diesel first set tongues wagging with his ‘Marvel talks’ status updates in 2013. Many assumed that when his vocal turn as sentient tree, Groot, was announced, that would be the end of that. It seems that the Fast & Furious actor’s meeting with Marvel Studios last summer may have bore more fruit than just Groot though, especially after an August 2014 Facebook update stated: “I get the strange feeling that Marvel thinks I’m Inhuman…”

The film itself isn’t exactly shrouded in mystery. It’s now common knowledge that for the last stretch of Phase 3 the studio intends to introduce the Inhumans, prior to the final chapter of Infinity War. But still, is Diesel likely to be involved? His newest piece of Photoshop artistry suggests that if he is, he’ll be tackling the role of the Inhumans’ leader, Black Bolt. It’s hard to imagine that Marvel would permit a contracted player to reveal any details surrounding their future slate. But lest we forget, the actor has done it before.

There’s plenty of time until the cameras roll for Marvel to officially announce their full cast line-up. However, if it’s up to Diesel, he’ll be centre stage.

Inhumans opens in theaters on November 2nd, 2018.