Vin Diesel Says Fast & Furious 10 May Be Split Into Two Movies

fast furious vin diesel 9

Fast & Furious 9 is set to be the penultimate entry in what Universal is now calling The Fast Saga, with all of the major players teasing that the main story arc will conclude after ten films and 21 years next April. However, we’re now hearing that while the plan is still to do ten movies, the last one may be split into two parts. Because money.

Having earned almost $5.9 billion at the box office, The Fast Saga is one of the biggest and most beloved franchises in the history of cinema, managing to fully reinvent itself a decade ago from being a mid-budget street racing series into a true juggernaut of the action genre that defies both logic and gravity with every new entry. Last year’s Hobbs & Shaw pulled in over $750 million globally as well, showing that even spinoffs can be successful and though the mainline series will be calling it quits after the tenth movie, Vin Diesel has now teased that they may split that last one into two.

Speaking to Total Film recently, the actor said the following:

“I started planning for Fast 10 before we started filming Fast 9. Very much so,” Diesel tells our sister publication Total Film in the latest issue. “The universe is so robust and so rich with talent and rich with story that, on one level, it’s totally feasible to have spinoffs, and I think that’s something that is inevitable. Universal deserves it because of how much they’ve invested in this little saga, and it’d be good to give back to Universal. And for the fans, should Fast 10 parts one and two be the conclusion, it would be nice for this world to continue for generations to come.”

This may not be a firm confirmation that Fast & Furious 10 will be arriving in two parts, but it certainly seems likely. Especially when you consider that many other big blockbuster franchises have done something similar, with studios intent on milking their most beloved properties for all that they can.

In any case, before we get to the tenth movie, first we’ve got Fast & Furious 9 to look forward to, which speeds into theaters on May 22nd, and yes, after much demand from the fans, the studio will finally be bringing back Sung Kang, whose Han Seoul-Oh was thought to be dead since as far back as Tokyo Drift. Then again, it’s not like characters who die in this franchise stay dead for long, right?