Vince Vaughn Finds Out He Has Five Hundred Kids In Delivery Man Trailer


Vince Vaughn had some surprising news today – he’s the father to hundreds of kids! Not in real life of course, but in a movie called Delivery Man. You can watch the first teaser trailer for this upcoming comedy drama below:

Delivery Man is a remake of a French-language Canadian film called Starbuck, which was reasonably well-received but didn’t make much of a splash in the wider world. DreamWorks liked the idea though, and enlisted original director Ken Scott to remake it for English-speaking audiences who are unable to read subtitles. Their only proviso was that he promise to cast Vince Vaughn, because what film couldn’t use a little Vince Vaughn?

The story of the film is outlined thusly:

From DreamWorks Pictures comes Delivery Man, the story of affable underachiever David Wozniak, whose mundane life is turned upside down when he finds out that he fathered 533 children through sperm donations he made twenty years earlier. In debt to the mob, rejected by his pregnant girlfriend, things couldn’t look worse for David when he is hit with a lawsuit from 142 of the 533 twenty-somethings who want to know the identity of the donor. As David struggles to decide whether or not he should reveal his true identity, he embarks on a journey that leads him to discover not only his true self but the father he could become as well.

It’s your typical comedy-drama in which an infantilised or otherwise unremarkable man has a series of misadventures and learns a little something about life along the way, and it’s clear that they’re aiming for that same audience who enjoyed This Is 40, or What To Expect When You’re Expecting – it’s not a bad demographic to aim for, it’s just not anything that will set the world on fire.

That said, does every film have to set the world on fire? Sometimes it’s nice to have a film that is just released, enjoyed in its time, and then leave the world as it found it. These films are important, because they provide a foundation against which other, more magnificent films, can use. Without shadow, how could we appreciate the light? There’s nothing wrong with average films, but when your whole career is made up of them maybe you should reconsider your trajectory. We’ll have to wait and see.

Delivery Man should, all going well, be released on November 22nd 2013. Please share your thoughts below.