Violet Gets Stuck Babysitting Jack-Jack In New Incredibles 2 TV Spot


The Incredibles 2 finally arrives in just a couple of months, bringing the 14-year long cry from fans for a follow-up to Pixar’s beloved superhero classic to an end. It looks to have found a fresh twist on the format of the first movie, too, as it’ll focus on Holly Hunter’s Elastigirl returning to crime-fighting, rather than her husband Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) like before.

This change of roles in the family means that Bob Parr has to take on the duty of looking after the couple’s three kids – including baby Jack-Jack. The most powerful of the family, the toddler can transform himself into anything and also possesses teleportation abilities. Going by this new TV spot for the movie, it looks like Bob will attempt to leave Jack-Jack in the care of his eldest, Violet, though that doesn’t seem to go over very well.

The trailers so far have teased that Bob will have a hard time bonding with all his children. Apart from the stress of looking after a god-like baby, he’ll also struggle to comprehend Dash’s math homework. We’re guessing that Bob might have to have a heart-to-heart with his daughter to find out what’s wrong with her, too, as she looks pretty angry in this teaser. Although, like Dash says, she could just be “having an adolescence.”

While Mr. Incredible and the kids remain at home, Elastigirl will be back in action, decked out in her new costume and motorcycle. This revamped look for the character comes from Winston and Evelyn Deavor, brother and sister PR gurus who want to help get supers made legal again and hope that using Helen Parr as their poster-woman will do that. Meanwhile, there’s also a new supervillain plaguing Metroville – the mysterious Screenslaver.

The Incredibles 2 finally arrives in cinemas – to the delight of adult-sized children everywhere – on June 15th.

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