Your Voice In My Head Loses Its Magic Touch

Sorry Hermione fans, it appears Emma Watson has departed from the upcoming Your Voice In My Head, which would have reunited her with former Harry Potter director David Yates.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Hunger Games star Stanley Tucci revealed that the actress has been officially replaced by Emily Blunt, who will now take up the lead role as the troubled Emma Forrest. Check out what Tucci had to say below.

“Emma’s not doing it now. It’s Emily Blunt,”

The film itself is based on an acclaimed memoir by the aforementioned Forrest, who wrote the screenplay for the movie, and documents her trials and tribulations as a New York writer on the verge of suicide. In turn, the troubled protagonist seeks psychiatric help via Stanley Tucci’s character.

The casting provides an interesting familial dynamic for the narrative, what with Tucci married to Emily’s sister, Felicity Blunt. However, the movie is still without a director – after Yates left the project last year – and is faced with an indefinite period of time in pre-production.

In a statement, the director said that “…due to conflicting schedules and ongoing commitments in the narrow window I was hoping to make this film, it has become no longer possible for me to direct Your Voice in My Head.”

Yates has been attached to another literary adaption in the form of Skulduggery Pleasent and, if industry murmurings are to be believed, a long-gestating Tarzan movie. Perhaps passing up Your Voice in My Head is a subtle hint towards future projects?

Although the film is slated to be released this year, don’t be surprised if the production hits a delay until the studio finds some form of creative stability. More often than not, a director and actor’s departure can cast a precarious shadow on an upcoming project. Nonetheless, Tucci remains confident the movie will find its feet sooner rather than later.

Your Voice in My Head is scheduled for a 2013 release.

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