James Gunn Confirms Obscure Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Easter Egg


Marvel fans are on a roll right now when it comes to discovering new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 easter eggs.

Recently, it was revealed that Mantis might actually be Star-Lord’s secret sister thanks to one easily-missed detail, which has been somewhat endorsed by director James Gunn. Now, the filmmaker has confirmed another easter egg that was spotted by a fan, and it reveals that one obscure Marvel comics character is out there somewhere in the MCU.

Twitter user Cameron King asked Gunn if a screenshot from the movie he’d shared was a reference to Wal Rus, a – you can probably work this out – walrus-like alien who’s a buddy of Rocket Raccoon’s in the comics. If you check out the gallery below, you can see that Wal Rus appears via a portrait in the background of the screengrab. The director, known for engaging often with his fans on social media, replied to the question with a simple but affirmative, “Yep.”

If you’re wondering when this moment comes in Guardians 2, the scene is set in the Iron Lotus brothel on the planet Contraxia, which is patronized by Yondu and his Ravagers and where Ayesha of the Sovereign comes to acquire their services to hunt down the Guardians. Going by his picture hanging on the wall, we imagine Wal Rus is a particularly celebrated customer at the brothel. He’s in good company, too, as Howard the Duck also frequents the place.

So, who is Wal Rus? Well, he first appeared in 1982’s Incredible Hulk #271 as the first mate of Rocket’s crew. The pair of intelligent animals are both natives of the planet Halfworld in the comics. If the Guardians of the Galaxy movies were ever to explore Rocket’s origins, then, Wal Rus could appear in the flesh. Gunn actually hinted last year that the trash panda’s backstory could be revealed in Guardians Vol. 3, so keep your flippers crossed for a cameo from the character.

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