New Marvel Theory Suggests Scarlet Witch Will Create The X-Men

X-Men: Dark Phoenix MCU

With Disney taking over Fox, the time will come soon for the X-Men to be folded into the MCU. The big question is, then, how will Marvel manage this? Mutantkind hasn’t been mentioned in the franchise up until now and the super-powered species is typically depicted as being around for decades, if not centuries. This new fan theory though suggests a way that the X-Men can be introduced without being dropped in out of the blue, and the key is the upcoming Disney Plus TV series WandaVision

Not much has been announced about the show, starring Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany as Vision, but some poster art for WandaVision was unveiled at the Disney Plus launch conference (though not released publicly) which depicted the superhero couple in a 1950s environment, according to Olsen. You could take this to mean something with the flavor of the decade, but what if the pair actually time travel to the 50s in an attempt to live out a normal life?

That’s the possibility that this fan theory, suggested by Reddit user Ak2sup, runs with. The theory speculates that their domestic bless will be shattered when something goes wrong – the specifics are a little sketchy – but the crisis causes Wanda Maximoff to lose control of her powers, unleashing her full reality-warping abilities which we know she has from the comics. The result is the awakening of mutantkind across the globe in the 1950s. As per Avengers: Endgame‘s logic, this would create a new timeline in which the X-Men are around in the present day.

Fans have been anticipating something that borrowed from House of M in the MCU for years and, now that the X-Men are incoming, we wouldn’t be surprised if Kevin Feige and co. decided to dip into the comics storyline soon. Plus, Olsen has teased that WandaVision will pull from various comic book arcs. It might seem odd to have such a key event happen in a TV show rather than a movie, but it does make sense to hinge the introduction of the X-Men on Scarlet Witch, a character so closely connected to them.

What do you think, though, X-Men fans? Could this WandaVision theory be onto something? Join the conversation in the comments section below.