WandaVision Finale Post-Credits Scenes Set Up Multiple New MCU Movies And Shows


If you’ve been sticking around through the long credits of WandaVision every week, your patience was finally rewarded today as the season finale of Marvel’s mind-bending series featured not one, but two secret additional scenes. Just like in the franchise’s movies, one dropped mid-credits and the other appears right at the end.

The mid-credits scene opens with Monica and Jimmy Woo enjoying the sight of the FBI arresting the corrupt Hayward. Monica is then ordered to meet someone in the local theater, where she finds the S.W.O.R.D. agent played by Lori Livingston that we met in previous episodes. The agent reveals herself to be a Skrull in disguise and says she’s working for an “old friend” of Monica’s mother Maria who wants to meet her. “Where?” Monica asks. The Skrull then points upwards.

This scene is something of a sequel to Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s second post-credits sequence. There, we learned that Nick Fury has Skrull agents in key careers and positions on Earth and is monitoring them from his space station. Clearly, Fury has been watching Monica’s actions in Westview and wants her working with him. This is likely setting up Captain Marvel 2 and maybe the Samuel L. Jackson-fronted Secret Invasion show, too.

A lot of folks probably checked out after this, but if you were smart enough not to, you would’ve caught the second – and arguably much more significant – extra scene. We open with Wanda living a low-key life in a hut in the countryside, like Thanos after the Snap. But while she’s doing everyday chores, her astral self – dressed in full Scarlet Witch garb – is reading the Darkhold. She’s suddenly distracted, however, by the sound of her sons – Billy and Tommy – calling out for her in distress.

Yup, apparently the twins are alive. Not only does this sequence set up Scarlet Witch being more knowledgeable about her powers by the time she’s next seen in Doctor Strange 2, but it also suggests that the boys will likewise return in that movie. WandaVision may have ultimately been more standalone than we expected, but it’ll have major consequences going forward all the same.