Fancy Winning Your Own Official Spider-Man Suit From Homecoming?


Do you have north of $20,000 knocking around your wallet and nothing to spend it on? Why not splurge for Christmas then and buy what has got to be one the greatest Spider-Man collectibles of all-time: a genuine suit used in the production of Spider-Man: Homecoming?

The offer comes courtesy of The Official Spider-Man: Homecoming Suit Auction currently being held by Sony Pictures, with 90% of the proceeds going to the heartwarming sounding Toys For Tots charity The event was announced by none other than Tom Holland during a Facebook livestream in which he started the auction, saying “These things are how we can make a difference as actors that play superheroes.” Damn right, Tom.

Even better, if you’re some broke loser who can’t afford to spend $20k on a lycra superhero suit, you’re still in with a chance of owning one, and here’s how:

Just imagine all the fun you could have with your own totally movie-accurate Spider-Man suit! Why, you could… uh… dress up as Spider-Man to amuse children and.. maybe turn some heads at the next Comic-Con? Better bear in mind that these suits are custom designed for Tom Holland though, who’s 5’7 and has a pretty slender build. If you’re nowhere near his measurements, maybe it’s best to keep this on a display mannequin for fear of busting out of it at an inopportune moment.

The auction finishes on December 18th, so if you emerge victorious, you should have it in time for surprising the family on Christmas Day. Just imagine their reaction when you walk in with that iconic Spider-Man suit on. It’ll be worth every penny of that $20,000 you spent.