Warcraft Helmer Duncan Jones Is Officially Directing A Comic Book Movie



He’s directed two sci-fi gems in Moon and Source Code and journeyed over into blockbuster territory for the ill-fated Warcraft, but for his next project, filmmaker Duncan Jones will break his superhero duck.

Via Twitter, the director announced that, yes, his Warcraft follow-up will indeed be a comic book movie, and a “pretty special” one at that. Further details will be unveiled over the coming days, though it seems Baby Driver director Edgar Wright is already privy to said reveal, and he, for one, is excited.

Now comes the million-dollar question: which comic book movie has been fortunate enough to land Duncan Jones as its director? We can but speculate at this early stage, though a few contenders spring to mind – Gambit included. 20th Century Fox’s mutant spinoff has struggled to maintain any sense of momentum over the past few years, and may have just found its savior in Jones. Then again, there’s every chance the director is referring to a Marvel Studios or DC project.

Another comic book property worth considering is The Eternals, which would lend Duncan Jones plenty of creative freedom as he begins crafting one of Marvel’s big Phase 4 movies. And then there’s Green Lantern Corps, another comic book film in need of a director.

That Duncan Jones is delving into Hollywood’s bustling superhero genre is exciting in and of itself, and after completing work on his long-in-the-works passion project, Mute, it’s clear the director has freed up a big chunk of his schedule.

Exactly what fills the gap, though, is another question entirely. But it seems an announcement is imminent, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on Jones’ Warcraft follow-up over the coming days.