Warm Bodies Teaser Poster Has Lovely Colours

Nicholas Hoult in Brit TV teen drama 'Skins'

You’d not be alone in thinking you were seeing the cover for the latest Green Day album which bizarrely features a drunk, exsanguinated Daniel Radcliffe to the side. Except it’s not a record cover and that ain’t Potter. This is the teaser poster for Jonathan Levine ’s Warm Bodies which stars Nicholas Hoult of X-Men: First Class and the recently renamed, Jack The Giant Slayer.

Adapted by Levine from Isaac Marion’s novel, Warm Bodies will undoubtedly attract cries of “That sounds a bit like Twilight but with zombies.” The story follows Hoult’s zombie, R, who falls for Julie, played by Teresa Palmer, who happens to be the girlfriend of one of his victims. As a result of eating said boyfriend’s brains R absorbs his memories and also his fondness for Julie.  Also along for the apocalypse are John Malkovich and Dave Franco.

The first poster is a tad uninspired with the phrase “Cold body. Warm heart” trailing the left side with Hoult’s zombie loitering on the right, both situated above the capitalised Warm Bodies. The colours are quite lovely, however. With a trailer expected any day now, let’s hope it ignites excitement more than this whip-up. You can scope out the poster below.

The interesting spin on this flick will be in how Levine intends to encapsulate the experience of R falling for Julie, as we all know zombies are not blessed with the finest of articulations and often have a habit of nibbling on people’s faces while having a chat. There’s a chance it could tread the path of Wasting Away, the 2007 zombie-romcom whose narrative device flitted from the zombie’s point of view during which they spoke as we do, to the rest of the world who could only see groaning flesh eaters. Twin that with romance and it could be a nifty genre blend.

Warm Bodies opens on February 1st, 2013.

Are you excited for another zombie outing with Warm Bodies? And what do you make of this first teaser poster? Have your say in the comments below.

(Source: First Showing)