Warner Bros. Announces Release Date For Shazam! 2


Shazam! may not have come anywhere close to matching Aquaman’s $1.15 billion box office haul, but the David F. Sanberg-directed comic book blockbuster still brought in a respectable $364.3 million worldwide for Warner Bros., and on a $100 million budget no less. It’s also probably the best-reviewed entry in the DC Extended Universe yet. Though it’s not like it really has much competition in that regard.

Still, Shazam! was a big success on all counts and now, the studio has made all that talk of a sequel official by announcing today that Shazam! 2 will be with us on April 1st, 2022. Which, to be fair, is a bit sooner than we expected but also quite a ways away.  Presumably, most of the main cast from the first film will be back for round two, but Warner Bros. stopped short of revealing any further details on the project. All we got was the release date.

One thing we can tell you with certainty though is that the film won’t feature Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. Sure, star Zachary Levi clearly loves the character and continues to show his eagerness to team up with some of DC’s other cinematic heroes at some point, but for now, Adam is apparently being held off until Shazam! 3.

As for who we might see in the sequel, then, well, rumor has it that Mark Strong’s Doctor Sivana will be back for more evil antics, while there was also that post-credits tease that told us we should expect to see Mister Mind as one of the chief antagonists, too. Beyond that, we can only speculate on what else WB might be cooking up for us, but with a release date for Shazam! 2 now locked in, hopefully it won’t be long before we learn more.