Warner Bros. Blinks First, Moves Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice And Dates Other Films


Fanboys rejoice – the clash of the box office titans that saw Warner Bros.’ Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice going mano-a-mano with Marvel’s Captain America 3 has been averted. In the end, as we all knew it would (did you see the numbers for Guardians of the Galaxy this week? And that flick was considered a risk for Marvel, as opposed to something like a third Cap outing), Warner Bros. blinked first, opting to move the highly anticipated next chapter of its DC Cinematic Universe up from May 6th, 2016 to March 25th, 2016.

Simultaneously, the studio announced dates for nine untitled DC pics as well as two untitled “WB Event Films,” mirroring Marvel’s strategy of penciling in dates for untitled movies far into the future. The titles stretch all the way into 2020 – leaving Warner Bros. with more titles on the board than Marvel. The dates are:

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice – 03/25/16
Untitled DC Film – 08/05/16
Untitled DC Film – 06/23/17
Untitled DC Film – 11/17/17
Untitled DC Film – 03/23/18
Untitled DC Film – 07/27/18
Untitled WB Event Film – 11/16/18
Untitled DC Film – 04/05/19
Untitled DC Film – 06/14/19
Untitled DC Film – 04/03/20
Untitled DC Film – 06/19/20
Untitled WB Event Film – 11/20/20

What can we glean from those dates? Somewhere in the mix is definitely the Justice League movie, which will be directed by Zack Snyder and possibly scripted by Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio. I’d wager that’s the June ’17 date, seeing as that slot is closest to what was leaked earlier this year. Also expect to see standalone titles for Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa). A title centered on Ben Affleck’s Batman seems certain, as does a Man of Steel 2Shazam, possibly with Dwayne Johnson, has been teased a lot lately, and the leaked plan also included Sandman and a Flash/Green Lantern team-up flick, though because so little has been confirmed about those titles, things could have changed over at Warner Bros. already.

What do you make of all the release dates? Will you want to see three DC/Warner Bros. titles in one year, or is the amount of entries in the growing DCCU just overkill? What do you actually want to see from this studio? And did you predict that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice would fold under competition from Captain America 3? Let us know below!