Warner Bros. boss says ‘progress is being made’ on ‘Superman’ reboot

Shortly after Discovery’s merger with Warner Bros. was finalized, reports emerged that the new regime were actively seeking to “revitalize” Superman, with recent history hardly utilizing the iconic superhero to the fullest.

If you can believe it, it’s been 35 years since The Big Blue Boy Scout headlined a standalone sequel, and that was the legendarily terrible Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. However, J.J. Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates are working on a new feature-length project, while Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society are developing another for the small screen, and the speculation surrounding Henry Cavill’s future as the DCEU’s Clark Kent continues to dominate the conversation.

Warner Bros. dropped a ton of new and exciting information at CinemaCon regarding the studio’s upcoming slate of superhero projects, but anything Superman-related was conspicuously absent. That being said, Collider’s Steve “Frosty” Weintraub went straight to the source, and got a vague update from chairman Toby Emmerich.

That’s about as non-committal as it gets, but something is a whole lot better than nothing, especially when it comes to one of pop culture’s most enduringly beloved characters, who seems to have been stuck in a rut for years. Cavill has technically been our Superman for over a decade, but during that period he’s made a scant three outings under the costume, which is hardly a great return.

The Batman and The Flash have shown that WB has no bones about multiple versions of the same character existing at any given time, so maybe Superman will end up getting the same treatment whenever concrete updates eventually arrive.