Warner Bros. Looking To Cast Big Female Lead Opposite Gal Gadot In Wonder Woman 2


It’s been a busy, busy week for fans of the DC Extended Universe, with the internet being sent into a frenzy thanks to the latest slew of 4chan leaks. As is always the case, it’s best to take them all with a handful of salt, but if nothing else, these rumors have fuelled plenty of speculation and discussion, which is always fun to see and partake in.

Whether it’s the introduction of Supergirl in Man of Steel 2 or the teasing of Red Hood in The Batman, there’s been a lot to dig into lately, and though some of it reads like nothing more than fan fiction – and probably is just that – we’ll leave it up to you to decide which of these leaks are accurate and which are not.

The latest one concerns Wonder Woman 2, which is all but confirmed at this point given just how successful the first film was. It’ll probably still be a while before the studio makes it official though, as WB looks to be making an effort to adopt the ‘wait and see’ strategy when it comes to their superhero titles, after a recent report suggested that Justice League and its performance will determine the order of the DC Extended Universe moving forward. Whether that is indeed the case is still up for question, but with THR reporting that WB is yet to open negotiations with Patty Jenkins for Wonder Woman 2 – the Monster filmmaker signed on to replace Michelle MacLaren for a one-picture deal – it does at least suggest that the Powers That Be over at Warner are being a little bit more cautious in their approach.

Still, a sequel is no doubt happening and this week, a leak on 4chan re-iterates that, telling us that Wonder Woman 2 is “pretty much a done deal.” Not only that, but we’re hearing that either Cheetah or Circe may be the main villain, and that the studio is looking to cast a “big female lead” to star alongside Gal Gadot.

What’s interesting about that last part is the fact that a while back, the actress said she’d love to have Halle Berry in the film, playing her love interest. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to happen, especially since the female lead will probably be one of those villain roles and not a love interest for the titular hero, but you never know. Perhaps Berry may sign on for Cheetah or Circe instead? It’s all just speculation at this point, but as always, it’s fun to think about.

Staying in the here and now, Wonder Woman continues to do gangbusters at the box office, bringing in another $40.7 million domestically this past weekend to take its total on this side of the pond to $274.6 million. Throw in those international numbers and it’s now at $571.8 million. Like we said, a sequel is definitely inevitable at this point, the only question that remains is which female actress will Warner Bros. bring in to star alongside Gadot?

Source: 4chan