New Warner Bros. CEO Prefers Wonder Woman Over Superman And Batman

Batman V Superman

If you packed one hundred people into a room and asked each of them who’s their favorite superhero, there’s a very good chance you’d be met with many different answers. But for those with a lean toward DC, the three most common names you’d hear would most likely be Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. After all, those have been the publisher’s most enduring icons since the Golden Age, and they’re called “the Trinity” for a reason.

From the sound of it, Warner Bros.’ new CEO, Ann Sarnoff, has a definite answer of her own. According to Deadline, she was asked who she preferred between Superman and Batman in a workforce town hall meeting this past Wednesday, when she responded with “Wonder Woman!”

Now, it’s important that nobody takes this out of context by saying Sarnoff thinks we need to jettison Batman and Superman movies in favor of those headlined by Wonder Woman. Instead, I reckon she’s just voicing her personal preference overall – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Hey, Batman’s my favorite character, but I love me some Wonder Woman as well.

If anything, it’s good that someone so high up on the food chain is backing the Amazon Warrior. Though she raked in some serious box office bucks with 2017’s Wonder Woman and will likely do so once next year’s followup, Wonder Woman 1984, storms cinemas, the timeless heroine hasn’t always endured the best of treatment in multimedia. Remember that terrible pilot NBC tried getting off the ground in 2010? I’d rather not.

Speaking of which, Wonder Woman 1984 is due out in theaters on June 5th, 2020. Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Kristen Wiig star, with Patty Jenkins returning to the director’s chair.