Warner Bros. Reportedly Considering Replacing Ezra Miller As The Flash

The Flash

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who said a Green Lantern show is coming to HBO Max and Ahsoka Tano will appear in The Mandalorian season 2 – Warner Bros. is currently considering replacing Ezra Miller as the Flash. Of course, this all comes about due to a recent video posted on Twitter showing the Justice League star choking a female fan outside a bar before her friend behind the camera stops the recording to interfere.

As you can see below, the clip shows Miller being approached by the fan with her hands raised ready to rumble. She’s obviously kidding, and so seems the actor when he cries “Oh, you wanna fight?” before directly going for her throat, choking her and throwing her onto the ground. Quite frankly, it’s pretty shocking to watch.

The man who took the video, Kyle Lampe, posted it along with the following caption:

“Okay so I’m exposing Ezra Miller because he just attacked my friend at the bar after she JOKINGLY challenged him to a fight… he took it way to seriously and choke slammed her to the ground. not okay”

Of course, this clip wouldn’t be the sole reason for talks to remove Miller from the Flash role, as we know that WB is already looking to completely re-imagine the DCEU after its first few blockbuster tentpoles failed both critically and commercially. And there’ve already been whispers of them wanting to introduce Wally West as the franchise’s new and primary speedster.

Likewise, this isn’t the first time a major studio has considered recasting one of their superheroes, either. If you’ll recall, we told you that Marvel was debating getting rid of Jeremy Renner last year, something which was later confirmed by other outlets. It didn’t end up happening, of course, but it was definitely discussed.

But circling back to Miller, and from what we understand, nothing is set in stone just yet. Though after the online storm created by this recent video, we’ve been told by our sources – who also correctly informed us that Han would return to the Fast & Furious franchise and a She-Hulk show was coming to Disney Plus – that there’s a very real possibility that Ezra Miller could lose his role as the Flash, as WB may simply replace the actor for the hero’s upcoming solo movie and start fresh with a new Barry Allen.