Warner Bros. Developing A Harley Quinn vs. Joker Spinoff Film


According to a report from Screen Rant, Warner Bros. is now developing a Suicide Squad spinoff for Harley Quinn and the Joker, with Geoff Johns on board to produce. No further details have been made available, but with the studio’s panel at Comic-Con set to take place tomorrow, we expect an official announcement shortly.

From what we understand, this is an entirely separate project from both Gotham City Sirens and Suicide Squad 2, though it’s unclear how exactly it’ll fit into the DC Extended Universe. We can confirm that both Margot Robbie and Jared Leto are back on board to reprise their roles, though, and we imagine that at least a few other familiar faces will be making their way into the spinoff as well. Perhaps even a certain Caped Crusader?

After all, that would make sense, but earlier today we learned that Ben Affleck may not be sticking around the franchise for much longer, so who knows? Right now all we’ve got is Screen Rant’s report to go on, and it doesn’t tell us a whole lot unfortunately. With the WB panel set to take place tomorrow though, we should learn a bit more about what exactly the studio’s got planned for us here in no time at all.

Until then, feel free to drop us a comment letting us know your thoughts on this proposed Harley Quinn vs. Joker spinoff. Is it something you care to see, or should WB head in a different direction with the characters?

If you ask us, we think that the studio might be playing their Harley card a bit too heavily, possibly running the risk of over-exposure, but given how popular she’s proved to be, it’s definitely easy to see why they’re sticking her in as many of their films as they can. Whether that will end up working out for them, however, remains to be seen.