Warner Bros. edges one step closer to confirming the inevitable ‘Harry Potter’ TV show fans are dreading

harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1
Photo via Warner Bros.

At this stage of our lives, we can all admit that a Harry Potter TV series is happening sooner rather than later. In fact, the only real burning question that nobody really wants answered is what form it could take.

It’s been little over a decade since the eight-film movie franchise concluded, but the Fantastic Beasts experiment has gone so disastrously that nobody’s going to care if those fourth and fifth installments don’t end up happening. Is it too soon to reboot the entire property and redo the books as seven seasons of prestige drama? Does Warner Bros. even care?

One thing’s for sure, based on how the reputation of the IP has been cratering in the face of diminishing returns, mismanagement, and anything creator J.K. Rowling tends to say or do, you can guarantee the reception is going to be nowhere near as enthusiastic as it should be when the inevitable happens.

Irregardless, Warner Bros. Television boss Channing Dungey has come one step closer to confirming that “something” is on the cards during an interview with Variety.

“There is a tremendous amount of ambition for that and we are engaged in a number of different conversations. I wish I could tell you that something was on imminent on the horizon but there is a lot of interest and a lot of passion for it, so absolutely. What’s great is that you see how the audience is so engaged and so ready. The audience is ready, they want to go, so we’re just to figure out what the right next step is.”

That’s about as concrete as we’ve heard so far, but there’s not exactly going to be an outpouring of joy from a fandom that’s slowly but surely been losing interest in Harry Potter for years. It’s happening, though, make no mistake about it.