Warner Bros. Eyeing Hawkman Film For Development

According to Latino Review, the latest DC Comics‘ character being eyed for a big-screen adaptation is Hawkman. Warner Bros. Pictures has begun looking for screenwriters for the project and a description of the proposed feature has been leaked from Its On The Grid:

“Part INDIANA JONES/DA VINCI CODE, part GHOST tentpole about the fictional superhero that appears in D.C. Comic books. He used archaic weaponry and large, artificial wings attached to a harness made of the Nth metal that allows flight. Most incarnations of Hawkman work closely with a partner/romantic interest named Hawkgirl or Hawkwoman in his fight against supervillains. Based on the DC comic.

However, this doesn’t mean that anything is set in stone. Many films based on other DC properties have been rumored of in the past but quickly found themselves in development hell (The Flash, Justice League, etc.). But it should be noted that the character was well received by viewers of TV’s Smallville, in which Hawkman made several appearances in the final seasons (played by actor Michael Shanks). Combine that with what seems to be DC’s latest fascination with adapting obscure characters for feature films, both animated and live-action, and a Hawkman movie becomes more of a possibility.

Hawkman has had many alter-egos/incarnations over the years but the most popular would be that of Carter Hall, an American archeologist who becomes the first Hawkman. If Warner Bros. does go through with a Hawkman film, it’s safe to assume that it will focus on that particular origin story.

Hawkman first appeared in Flash Comics #1 in 1940 and has since appeared in a number of  comics, TV shows (both animated and live-action), animated feature films, and video games.

What do you think, do you want to see a Hawkman film? Do you think Warner Bros. is seriously considering it?