Warner Bros. Grants Jupiter Ascending A Summer Blockbuster Release

After the company shuffled its deck of upcoming releases dates, the science-fiction film Jupiter Ascending is on course to hit theatres July 25th 2014. The latest from the Wachowski siblings is a futuristic story about a young Russian woman who discovers that her DNA is identical with that of the Queen of the Universe, throwing her into a galactic power struggle with other higher forms of life. Now there’s something you don’t read every day.

While positioning Jupiter Ascending in the cinematic battleground we call July, the studio has also pushed back boxing comedy Grudge Match, which now occupies the slot of January 10th 2014 as opposed to its initial November 15th 2013 date. Having withstood the lukewarm reception to their honest and ambitious adaption of Cloud Atlas last year, Lana and Andy Wachowski will hope to put the record straight and capture the imagination of Sci-Fi fans the world over with Jupiter Ascending.

Starring Mila Kunis as the central character with that all important DNA and Channing Tatum in an as of yet unknown role, the film looks like its set to tackle some lofty themes whilst maintaining a human focus point. Though the plot remains shrouded in secrecy in typical Wachowski fashion, we do know that Douglas Booth and Sean Bean also occupy the stellar cast list and will surely add narrative spice to the siblings’ characteristically existential tale.

A July release date is a huge confidence boost from the team at Warner Bros. and proves that the siblings haven’t lost their collective industry stature. Granted, many moviegoers – myself included – believe the directors have used The Matrix as a sort of Get Out Of Critical Jail Free Card in recent years. Still, it’s a testimony to Lana and Andy that their ambition to push the boundaries is still as passionate today as it was back in 1999, and if Warner Bros. believe Jupiter Ascending to be the type of film to garner a blockbuster buzz, then we as an audience can only patiently wait to see what the Wachowskis have up their idiosyncratic sleeves.

What do you think? Have the Wachowskis’ overstayed their welcome? Or is Jupiter Ascending a Sci-Fi blockbuster worth getting excited for?

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