Warner Bros. Gives The Greenlight To HBO’s Entourage Film

Here it is Entourage fans, the news you’ve been waiting for. Warner Bros. has finally given the green light for a film based on the hit HBO show, which ran from 2004-2011. Set to be directed by series creator Doug Ellin, who also wrote the screenplay, the studio is hoping to bring back all of the original cast members. As of now, Warner Bros. is working on signing deals with the various actors and actresses and once that all gets taken care of, production will begin.

No word yet on where the plot will take us or what’s in store for Vinny and co. but with Ellin on board and all of the original cast members returning, I have no doubt that this will be a reunion worth attending. Though some may say that it’s going to be difficult to translate the show into a full feature-length film, I think it’s a fantastic idea.

The ending of the series definitely left a number of possibilities open for where they can take the movie and when the show was still on air, I remember always thinking that it would be great if it was one day turned into a film. The idea for a film has been floating around for a while now but it was always just Ellin and star Adrian Grenier saying how they wanted to do it and how it was going to happen one day. So it’s nice to finally get some official confirmation that this is actually happening, for real this time. No more doubts or skepticism.

Though it went downhill a bit in its later years, in its prime, Entourage was my favourite show on television and I still stand firm on the claim that Jeremy Piven’s Ari Gold is one of televisions best characters. To see Piven back in the role will be worth the price of admission alone.

As a huge fan of the series, I’m absolutely thrilled to see Warner Bros. giving a greenlight to the film and I can’t wait to see where Ellin and company take us when Entourage hits theatres.