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Warner Bros. is hemorrhaging money like it’s nobody business, but campaigns to release unfinished DC movies must clearly continue

What next, restoring the SnyderVerse or something?

batman forever
Image via Warner Bros.

The irony in DC fans continuing to demand the release of movies that either went unfinished or never existed in the first place as the franchise’s slate of recent releases keep bombing at the box office is so thick that not even Superman’s laser vision would be able to cut through, never mind the fact Warner Bros. Discovery doesn’t have much in the way of disposable income.

No theatrical movie bearing the DC branding to have hit theaters since December of 2018 has managed to earn more than $400 million from cinemas, and the bad news is that there are no signs of next month’s Blue Beetle arresting that decline as general audiences simply give up on the superhero universe knowing full well it’s about to be rebooted anyway.

suicide squad 2016
via Warner Bros.

Undeterred, though, dedicated supporters are still out there calling for the restoration of the SnyderVerse, David Ayer’s unfiltered original vision for Suicide Squad, and even Joel Schumacher’s three-hour version of Batman Forever, instead of shelling out to catch The Flash at their local multiplex to try and plug a cavernous financial leak.

As pointed out by Redditors clearly bored by the never-ending conversation, Warner Bros. doesn’t even have the money to retain the rights to its greatest-ever shows, so forking out even more to appeal to a niche corner of the fandom who support the abandoned mythos of a franchise that hasn’t made any money for years doesn’t make a lick of fiscal sense.

Not that it’ll deter them, seeing as we’re almost six years deep into the SnyderVerse movement.

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