Warner Bros. To Make Man Of Steel 2 Official Very Soon


Though we’ve already seen Henry Cavill’s Superman in three out of the five DCEU movies to date, there’s still so much more of the Big Blue Boy Scout’s mythos to bring to the big screen. As such, Supes fans are forever calling for Warner Bros. to give us a Man of Steel 2.

Early last year, we heard various bits and pieces about the movie, including that Kingsman‘s Matthew Vaughn was in talks to direct and that it could see Supes go up against Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. However, lately the trail has gone cold, leaving the future of the project in question. Thankfully, then, Mario-Francisco Robles (who’s establishing himself as an interesting source for scoops these days), has an update for us, claiming that Warner Bros. is going to make Man of Steel 2 official soon by announcing a release date and director.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have any further details on what to expect, but this isn’t the first time Robles has claimed that the studio is still very keen on moving forward with it and given that Superman is currently one of their biggest properties, it’s easy to see them handing him another solo outing. Not to mention that Justice League gave Supes a much needed makeover, providing the hero with a renewed sense of hope, which is what most fans wanted to see and is something that should certainly be built upon in a potential Man of Steel sequel.

As for when exactly the film would arrive, well, that’s currently unknown. We don’t imagine it’d be in the near future, though, as Warner Bros. already have their hands full with AquamanWonder Woman 2FlashpointNightwing and more. At the earliest, a Man of Steel 2 could probably fly into theaters in 2020/2021, but even that may be ambitious. Still, just knowing that it remains on the table is enough to give us hope that one day, we’ll get a proper follow-up to Zack Snyder’s DCEU opener.

In the meantime, we can all look forward to the next entry in the franchise, which will come in the form of James Wan’s Aquaman. That one swims into theaters on December 21st of this year, before 2019 brings about a new standalone film for Diana Prince (November 1st) along with the debut of Shazam (April 5th). Suffice it to say, it’s a good time to be a fan of DC’s costumed crusaders.