Warner Bros. May Bring Booster Gold To The Big Screen; Arrow’s Greg Berlanti Eyed To Direct


Having mapped out such an expansive superhero slate of films up until the year 2020, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Warner Bros. would have its hands full juggling such a diverse roster of characters. But according to The Tracking Board, the studio has its crosshairs on another, lesser-know DC property that may soon make its way onto the silver screen: Booster Gold.

Billed as a lighthearted and comedic buddy cop movie, which doesn’t necessarily align with the mythic nature of the embryonic DC Expanded Universe, Tracking Board claims that Arrow and The Flash alum Greg Berlanti is being courted to direct and executive produce.


Featuring Blue Beetle alongside Booster Gold, the title character is described as “a football hero and celebrity in the 25th Century who became publicly disgraced after he was caught gambling on his own games. With his reputation tarnished, Carter stole super-powered relics from the past and traveled back in time, with the plan to become a famous superhero.”

While we await confirmation on this superhero nugget, it’s worth noting that crossovers are becoming a common theme in DC’s on-screen universe, with Suicide Squad, Justice League and the far-off Green Lantern Corps all opening the doors for external characters to fly in and out. It could arguably make for a more fluid set-up, too, rather than the ham-fisted post-credits scenes that act as the connective tissue in Marvel’s similarly massive cinematic universe.

What we can expect from Booster Gold, then? As the closest DC analogy to Iron Man, Michael Jon Carter is something of a flamboyant superhero, lending Warner the creative ammunition for a truly offbeat spinoff that could help leverage the über-realistic, grounded in reality tone that all of its projects have showcased to date.

No official word from Warner Bros. at this time, but if Greg Berlanti and writer Zak Penn are indeed attached to Booster Gold, the project could be much further along than first anticipated.