Are Warner Bros. Planning A Casablanca Sequel?

Because nothing is sacred, and because all stories must continue if their characters didn’t, like, die at the end, it’s been reported that Warner Bros. are trying to get a sequel to Casablanca – one of the most beloved motion pictures of all-time – into the works. Here’s to ruining your legacy, kid.

This news emerges just as we’re about to celebrate Casablanca‘s 70th anniversary at the end of the month, and what better way to do so than dancing a hilarious little jig over its immense cultural heritage?

For those who aren’t screaming in horror right now and have somehow managed to continue reading actual words, the sequel wouldn’t exactly focus around Humphrey Bogart’s character Rick Blaine. It also wouldn’t take place in the traditional sense of sequel: in fact, it’s supposed to be set on Rick and Isla’s son, Richard, who goes to the Middle East in the 60s in an attempt to locate his lost father. Who is, presumably, drunk at a bar. That’s so Rick.

Although Warner Bros. actually passed on this project 18 months ago (when it was titled Return to Casablanca), there’s still a chance it’ll be made, apparently, on the condition that they find the right filmmaker to do so.

Better hope the guy they get enjoys blasphemy. And angry mobs.

What do you think? Is this something that Warner Bros. should pass on again? Who might be a good director for such an important project?

Source: The Film Stage

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