Warner Bros. Is Pumping The Brakes On Batgirl


Well, this isn’t too surprising.

Last week, Joss Whedon pulled out of Warner Bros.’ Batgirl movie, stating that he just couldn’t crack the story. Of course, that wasn’t entirely true and in the time since, we’ve heard a little bit more about what actually happened behind the scenes, with many pointing to the debacle that was Justice League being the cause of much tension between Whedon and the studio.

To date, there’s been no word on who may replace the filmmaker and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting an update anytime soon. That’s because The Wrap reports that at the moment, Warner Bros. has no plans to continue developing the project. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s dead and not happening, just that it’s clearly not a priority for them right now and is likely going to be placed on the bench for a while as they continue to move forward with other films.


Even if Whedon had stayed on board, it’s not like Batgirl would have been fast-tracked or anything. The Wrap notes that the plan was always to develop the core members of the League – Batman, the Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Flash – first, before diving into heroes like Batgirl, Nightwing, Lobo and more. There’s also the fact that WB was going to hold off on shooting the pic until The Batman takes flight, which might not be for a while.

Throw in the fact that the DCEU as a whole right now is in a bit of a state of flux, and it paints a pretty worrying picture for Batgirl and her potential big screen outing. Again, we’re not saying it won’t happen, it’s just not on the top of WB’s list of things to do right now and probably won’t be for a while. As always, though, we’ll keep you posted when we hear more.

Source: The Wrap