Will The Batman Reboot Be Based On The Arkham Games?

With the reports that Warner Bros. will doing the opposite of what Marvel has done and have the Justice League release before any individual character films come out, spare Man Of Steel, speculation about the films for the Flash, Aquaman, and a Batman reboot has been relatively quiet. However, the Batman reboot is rumored to quickly follow Justice League and some fans have expressed the desire that the films follow the plot of the acclaimed Arkham games. It seems like a good idea and those fans may be in luck, as there is now news that Warner has registered a series of domain names featuring various Arkham-related titles.

It appears that Warner has been secretly buying up the domain names through the same company that it uses for warnerbros.com and other domains such as the ones for the 300 prequel.

Check out the full list of domain names registered below.


So the question with all these domains is are they just for the next Arkham video game, or will the Batman reboot be based on the games? I don’t think a film set in the world of the games is all that farfetched of a possibility. The games are just about the coolest thing to happen to superheroes since Spider-Man got a comic book, and the plot of the games is a much better story than most superhero movies. With some slight tweaking, they would make for absolutely awesome films.

Justice League could somehow set up Batman being sent to Arkham City too and the whole movie could take place within the world created by that game. Of course, a major problem with opting for an plot based on the games is the Joker is a pretty necessary part of that world, and it may be too soon for fans to accept another actor filling the gaping hole left by Heath Ledger. That being said, someone has to take on the character again at some point, so why not have it happen sooner rather than later. I just don’t envy the actor whose every move will be compared to that of Ledger’s.

Then again, it’s always possible that Warner is simply registering these domains for no other reason than to protect its intellectual property, but this mass registering leads me to believe something more is happening.

Again, with no official announcement made, this is all speculation for now, but be sure to check back as we’ll keep you updated with any information that comes in.

What do you think of Warner registering all these domain names? Would you like to see a film based on the Arkham games? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.