Warner Bros. May Release 4 DCEU Films In 2020, But What Will They Be?


If the DC Extended Universe got off to a bumpy start, then it looks like things are now truly getting going and in a big way.

On the horizon is Justice League, with Aquaman arriving shortly after that. But where do we go from there? Well, that’s still unclear, but it’s starting to sound like the next several years are going to be heavily dominated by Warner Bros.’ burgeoning cinematic universe.

Why’s that? Well because in 2020, we may very well see four DCEU films storming into theatres. Yes, you read that right – four. The Tracking Board is reporting that the studio has just slated two more releases for that calendar year, one on February 14th and the other on June 5th. We already know that Cyborg is set to debut in April of 2020 while Green Lantern Corps is expected to arrive at some point in July. That’d bring the total up to 4 then, assuming this is all on the level.

Now, it’s important to note that these new dates may not necessarily mean we’ll be getting additional films. For all we know, one of the previous releases might have been cancelled (maybe Cyborg?), or perhaps one of them got moved to another year? Without any word from Warner Bros., it’s tough to say. But at the moment, there are currently four separate dates staked out by the studio, which is certainly exciting, if not a bit worrying. After all, they don’t want to overdo it, right?

With a multitude of DCEU titles still without release dates to call their own – Suicide Squad 2The BatmanThe Flash and many, many others – it’s tough to say which ones may arrive in 2020. However, the speculation has already begun and the current theory is that WB has reserved these new dates for The Flash and Wonder Woman 2. Again, though, nothing has been confirmed just yet, but with Comic-Con on the horizon, we should have some answers pretty soon.

Tell us, what do you make of all this? Is the studio indeed gearing up to drop 4 movies on us in 2020, or has something been moved/cancelled? Sound off in the usual place with your thoughts!