WB Reportedly Wants To Make The Mortal Kombat Universe As Big As MCU

Mortal Kombat

With a whole host of games over three decades and almost a hundred kombatants under its belt, the Mortal Kombat universe is ripe for adaptation. It’s been on a real hot streak lately, too, with the last two titles, Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat 11, both mega hits and the new movie rapidly becoming a major success. As such, Warner Bros. is starting to realize that Ed Boon and John Tobias’ goofy magic ninjas kung fu franchise might be a gold mine.

In fact, according to insider Daniel Richtman, WB executives now see Mortal Kombat as the potential bedrock of a new cinematic universe akin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Further films already seem inevitable, with our heroes beginning the search for fresh champions for a Mortal Kombat tournament proper. Scrotum-pummelling movie star Johnny Cage looks like a lock and writer Greg Russo has hinted that he wants to explore Liu Kang’s Shaolin monks and Sonya and Jax’s special forces team.

But it’s easy to imagine Warner Bros. capitalizing on the success by delaying a full Mortal Kombat 2 in favor of a series of solo films starring various characters, as this MCU-style take would give all of the fighters time to breathe. For example, I’d love to see pics about Kano recovering from getting a garden gnome shoved in his head and being cybernetically enhanced, Sub-Zero being transformed into Noob Saibot, or even a prequel showing us the ancient conflict between Scorpion and the Lin Kuei teased in the prologue.

For all that, I’m skeptical that Mortal Kombat could ever be as big as the MCU. The main thing stopping it is that it’s destined to remain rated R, as it just wouldn’t be the same without those gory fatalities. The flipside, though, is that the lower budgets and lack of expensive stars mean you can position the movies more like a horror franchise than a superhero blockbuster.

In any case, let’s hope we get some confirmation soon. And in the meantime, if there are any Mortal Kombat characters you want to receive their own spinoffs, let us know by sounding off below.