Warner Bros. Scraps Will Beall’s “Terrible” Justice League Script

The Justice League may be up against a problem too big for even Superman to save the day. It’s a villain worse than Darkseid, or the Joker, or any evildoer in the DC universe. The villain that may be the downfall of the JLA is a crappy script.

The upcoming Warner Bros. project, which Fox’s Mark Millar recently called an “excellent way of losing $200 million,” is facing another setback which could spell doom for the film. Will Beall was hired to work on the script and it turns out that may have been a horrible choice, as Warner has reportedly scrapped his script. The reason? To put it simply, the script was terrible. It was so bad in fact that some sources are saying Warner is close to dropping the project entirely.

We knew the fate of Justice League was still up in the air after the recent announcement that the studio was waiting on the results of Man Of Steel before pursing the project any further, but we had no idea that the situation was really this dire.

Part of the reason the studio has yet to be able to get the interest of a quality director is because the script wasn’t up to snuff. Characters were being added and cut at the whim of any studio executive before it was decided that the core five would be the focus of the story. It seems that Warner’s organization with this project has been almost non-existent. It’s also worth noting that Beall’s credibility likely wasn’t helped by the reception Gangster Squad has received.

So now the question has to be raised – will Warner look for a new screenwriter or has the JLA met its match? Personally, I really hope they find someone new to write the project. Heck, pay Jonathan Nolan whatever he wants. Just get someone established to write the film so a quality director can be brought on and this movie can actually happen.

Look, I understand the challenges with bring the JLA to the big screen. They’re a hard group of characters to show in a live-action film and many of them are a bit dated, but fans love the League, and it can be done. If the Avengers were able to assemble and be as successful as that film was, there’s no reason why the same can’t hold true for Justice League. Warner just needs to get the right people working on the film and give them control.

At this rate it looks like the original summer 2015 release date for Justice League has little to no chance of happening, but the bigger question at this point is whether the film will happen at all.